Benchmarking QOS & Network Audit

Quality of Service is a measure of how the customer feels the service provided by the network. QoS is an external measure often supported through drive test programs. This measure provides the customer perspective of Network Quality.

Network performance is a measure of how effectively and efficiently the network is functioning. Network performance is an internal measure mainly derived from Network Management data. This measure provides an Engineering perspective of network quality.

Metro Telworks is compliant with ETSI TR 103 559 v1.1.1 Best practices for robust network QoS benchmarking testing and scoring.

We offer the following Network Performance Benchmarking services :

  • Provide Subscriber perceived network experience
  • Benchmark voice and data services coverage and QoS performance against competitors
  • QoS and executive reports for Senior Management
  • Comparison of Indoor network coverage and quality
  • Recommendations for network improvement
  • Comparison of various network parameters for the operators