Network Managed Services

The complexities of running mobile networks continue to increase, while operators are increasingly required to focus their scarce resources given a highly competitive market. To maintain margin growth operations have focused on cost-cutting exercises that have accelerated outsourcing.

Operator’s acceptance of partnering and acquisition of external expertise has grown in recognition of the opportunities and efficiencies such activities provide. Managed services have emerged as an important delivery model for network equipment vendors, systems integrators, as well as network-owning operators themselves.

Metrotelworks has established long term service delivery partnership with the customers and offering the following onsite and offsite managed outsourced services.

  • Network 24x7 Monitoring               
  • Network Customer Complaints tracking and resolutions 
  • Monitoring of the network elements on micro and macro level
  • 2G,3G, LTE, 5G  technologies monitoring on a multi-vendor level 
  • Provide subscriber perceived Quality of Service measure
  • QoS reports for senior management
  • Observing performance, configuration, & fault management
  • Management of network from a strategic perspective
  • Strategizing the network growth & providing efficient methods for implementation
  • Network Active and Passive Infra managed services