New Sites, Technologies & Features Acceptance Test

Telecom operators around the globe are continually modernizing their infrastructure by introducing new technologies like 5G which is a reality now and new sites rollout and expansion to meet coverage and capacity for various services like voice, data, industrial applications, IoT.

In the telecommunications world, rapid network deployment of new technologies and sites can supply Service Providers with a competitive edge. On the other hand. service providers can hardly afford failures of services. Failures of the network may have a catastrophic effect on the operators' image. 

This threat provides the need for ' Service Testing' Before a telecommunication service is deployed into the network, it should be ascertained that the service is functionally correct before go-live and that the service does not harm the already installed base.

Metrotelworks is equipped to provide the following network testing and acceptance services for multi-vendors multi technologies network rollout and expansion.  :

  • New site SCFT (Single cell functionality test) / SSV (Single site Verification)               
  • Cluster AT (Accetance test) 2G+3G+LTE1+LTE2+LTE 3 with Volte+ CA and Scanner (G+U+3L)
  • Vendor equipment swap project and modernization acceptance
  • Cluster TDD/ FDD (4G) with CA and Volte (4G+4G)
  • Cluster AT -5G NSA Rel 15
  • New technologies and features trial support for all major OEMs