RAN Planning And Optimization

Telco network planning is extensive nowadays due to new technology upgrades, indoor coverage, and massive capacity requirements, at the same time, maximizing the value of existing network resources is a key challenge.

Today’s Network Planning requires great strategies and planning. In Network planning it is also important to make provision for future innovative technology. We offer services for 2G,3G, LTE, 5G NR Wi-Fi, and indoor densification planning.

Metro Telworks helps the customer not only in Network design but also in expanding rapidly and cost-effectively.

As a part of RAN Planning, We offer the following services

  • Study of spectrum requirements
  • Network Design and Dimensioning
  • Access Network Planning
  • Identification of coverage pain areas
  • 5G NR initial planning
  • Consolidation and swap project planning
  • LTE -A and m-MIMO planning
  • CW propagation model tuning

Moreover, High quality of service in mobile networks is the prerequisite for commercial success. Continuous optimization is a process, which focuses on checking the network quality continuously and takes actions when needed. It is a more constant way of maintaining good quality in the network, especially when the mobile networks are changing rapidly and more and more customers are being served.

We offer the following optimization services for all major OEMs RAN systems

  • Pre and post site launch KPIs and drive test verification: SCFT/SSV
  • Parameter Configuration Consistency Check
  • Traffic and throughput analysis
  • Parameter planning and optimization
  • Dropped call analysis
  • Handover success analysis
  • Drive test analysis
  • Interference analysis
  • Field measurements and acceptance testing
  • Frequency & Strategy Planning
  • Top N Site Targeting
  • Worst cell analysis
  • VoLTE performance analysis